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Our Reviews

Lemone - 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Bill was extremely helpful and I felt no pressure at all. He wasnt one of these car sales man out to get a commission. He actually helped me get in the car because I wanted it. I definitely would purchase another vehicle from Bill. Thanks Bill!

Lemone Thank you for the kind words. I value your business.

JOSEPH - 1 1 1

Bill was honest, straight-forward, fair and easy to deal with! Good guy.

Michael - 2011 Dodge Charger

Michael M. Khorshidianzadeh 2 months ago- Bill gave me a great deal on a 2011 Dodge Charger. The car runs perfectly and had very low millage on it. Bill was very straightforward and nice enough to let me take it on a test drive even though I showed up about 5 minutes before closing. I highly recommend going to him for a car. I have checked online to see if any other dealer is selling my car for the same price Bill had it on and I still haven't be able to find it! He made sure my car was in solid working order and I am very happy with my car. Bill made sure I had a full record of the car and there were no surprises with him. I highly recommend Countryside! The 2011 Charger itself is an amazingly fun car to drive and is solidly built.

Fin - 2010 Toyota Matrix

Bill is a great guy, no pressure to buy but helpful and knowledgeable. Would buy again in the future for sure.

Robert - 2011 Cherolet Camaro SS

I bought my car here. It took a week of back and forth wheeling and dealing on a trade in. I ended up not trading in, it wasn't worth it but I did end up buying. Bill Fox was highly responsive, but keep in mind his client base are not of the higher mileage type so your trade in should be of fewer miles and of the 'name brand' type (Jeep, Chevy, Lexus)

Christine - 2008 Honda CRV

Christine Oct 8, 2015 Great working with Bill at Countryside Auto. Easy transaction. No pressure. Will refer my friends!

Mike - 2012 Ram Power Wagon

Bill made you feel very comfortable,with no pressure to buy and was super easy to deal with. I'm very happy with my puchase and whole experience.

Duncan - 1 1 1

Prompt and courteous response.

Andrew - 2012 Dodge Ram 1500

Quite Pleasant. The Countryside Auto representative - Bill Fox - responded in a timely fashion, and answered the questions that I had about the vehicle listing. We were able to schedule a test drive, and he provided all of the relevant details about the vehicle (even looking up the answer to a question about ladder racks on the Web while I was out on the test drive). It was all very professional, yet relaxed. And the paperwork and payment process was very smooth. My overall experience was very positive.


I recently went to look at two vehicles at Brigham-Gill's subsidiary Countryside Auto. We went out to look at two Jeeps. One was a trade-in, a red Jeep, from a long time customer of Brigham-Gill and the other had less known about it. Bill, the GM, gave a nice overview of the history of the red Jeep that was traded in at Brigham-Gill, and it all matched up well with the CarFax (which is nice but doesn't always give the best info). We ended negotiating with Bill on the red Jeep. Bill was up front and accommodating with the trade-in and purchase price negotiations. We quickly settled on a fair price and I was off to set up the financing and insurance. Over the next few days Bill was responsive and pleasant to work with as we arranged things with the parties involved. After picking up the vehicle and getting it home, I tested the various mechanical features to ensure everything was operational. I noticed that when trying to shift the vehicle into 4WD Lo, the "Service 4WD System" message came up with no attempt to shift into 4WD Lo. Bill was very accommodating when I called and over the next few days we got an appointment set up with the Brigham-Gill's service department. The 4WD system just need recalibration, so that was taken care of (without cost under the used car warranty). I am very pleased with my interactions with Brigham-Gill and their subsidiary Countryside Auto.


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